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Sherpa 100 Power Pack - GDH | The decorators department Store - 1 Sherpa 100 Power Pack - GDH | The decorators department Store - 2
The Sherpa 100 Power Pack is a portable AC, 12V DC and USB outlet.Whether you're camping in the wild or navigating a power outage, stay connected to the rest of the world. Easy to stow, the Sherpa 100 makes it possible to have portable access to electricity whenever you need it. Perfect for boating, camping, emergency preparedness and traveling. Sherpa 100 PowerPack Awesomeness: Portable AC, 12V and USB outlet Power up endless appliances: lights, laptops, cell phones etc No compatibility issues, perfect for international travel Fully recharge via wall or car in 3 hours or solar in 10-15 hours LCD battery meter ensures that you will never be caught off guard by a unit that needs an unexpected charge Integrated charge protector protects both the battery and connected devices from burnout and electrical spikes.

How many times will the Sherpa 100 Powerpack charge your device? (Actual times various by device) SmartPhones (iPhones, Android) 14 times Laptop 1 - 2 times Tablets/eReaders 2 - 4 times

HAM Radio 2 - 3 times 12V Lights (Life of Life) Up to 32 hours Using the Laptop Port: Sherpa 100 laptop port Charge your laptop directly from the included Sherpa interchangeable tips eliminate the need to carry bulky charging cords. To use the laptop charging port, you must find out the PIN size of your laptop's AC charger. Unfortunately, the pin size is not listed on the charger or on the laptop, it should be listed in the manual or can be easily researched on the internet. The pin sizes and shapes vary by manufacturer, although some pin sizes are universal. Charging tips are included with the Sherpa 100: Asus : 5.5 mm HP : 7.4 mm Lenovo: 5.5 mm; 8 mm Sony : 6 mm Dell : 7.4 mm IBM : 5.5mm; 8 mm Panasonic : 5.5 mm Toshiba : 5.5 mm IMPORTANT INFO FOR MACBOOK

PRO USERS: For the best experience with any of our Sherpa rechargers, we suggest using an Apple MacBook Charging Kit. The kit is designed to give you the most flexibility when charging your MacBook - whether that's from the wall or one of our patented laptop ports on our Sherpa rechargers. We only use certified Apple MagSafe Power Adapters (with "L" style connectors) and combine them with specialized tips to work with the Laptop Port on the Sherpa rechargers. This flexible setup allows you to use the same adapter for charging from a wall outlet and the Sherpa rechargers. Apple MagSafe Power Adapters are available in 45W or 85W, depending on what version of MacBook you have. Apple has a handy page dedicated to helping you choose the right adapter. See Here. Sherpa 100 Portable Power Pack Sherpa 100 portable generator up close 1. Sherpa Inverter 110V, 3-prong (75W max; modified sine wave) 2. Charging port via AC wall adapter, solar 3. Two USB ports : 5V, up to 1.5A (7.5W max) 4. Battery monitor 5. 12V output 6. Laptop power port output

Go Complete Off the Grid by Adding a Solar Panel Sherpa 50 Portale Power Solar Off the Grid Recharge the Sherpa 100 with the power of the sun Nomad 13 Recharge in 15-30 hours Nomad 20 Recharge in 10-20 hours Boulder 30 Recharge in 7-14 hours Portable Power Anywhere How the Sherpa 100 works Sherpa 100 - What's Included Sherpa 50 portable generator what's included A: Sherpa 100 Portable Power Pack B: Sherpa Inverter 110V C: AC Wall Charger D: 12V Adapter E: Sherpa Laptop Tips Wall adapter Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel (sold separately) 12V DC (sold separately) Storage of 98 watt-hours of power Extends the battery life of your smartphone by up to 14 times Recharge 3 ways: wall adapter, 12V DC and solar 12-volt DC, USB, Laptop Port and AC inverter output ports LCD indicator status monitors battery life Integrated charge controller to help protect your devices from electrical spikes Chainable with other Sherpa 100s Carry handle makes it easy to transport Built-in LED flashlight runs for 300+ hours per charge Low-battery and overcharging protection Holds 50% unused charge for up to 1 year

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