Box Pleat Linen Empire Lampshade

lux lampshades

Lampshades are handcrafted using traditional, labor intensive manufacturing techniques using fine fabrics, 11 gauge copper fittings, sturdy backings and the fullest pleats possible. Each pleat is meticulously folded for optimal contrast. All shades are self-trimmed with applied .75 inch bands, top and bottom.

Available Sizes:
6inch top x 12inch bottom x 8inch slant
7inch top x 14inch bottom x 9inch slant
8inch top x 16inch bottom x 10inch slant
9inch top x 18inch bottom x 11inch slant
10inch top x 20inch bottom x 12inch slant

Sizes provided are the bottom/base dimension. The distance between pleats is approximately 3cm, but can slightly vary with different sizes and styles.