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ANICHINI | Top Secret Mattress Pads

ANICHINI’s newest invention… A fiber-bed mattress topper and protective cover that will change the way the world rests and sleeps. The beauty is that this super luxurious topper, so comfortable, soft, and lofty, is machine washable, hypoallergenic, inhibits bacteria, fungus and dust mites. Top this off with a specially designed removable cover, the Top Secret Protective Cover , to make your bed allergen, dirt, moisture, fire, bacteria, fungus, dirt mite, and bed bug proof. The cover can be laundered each time the sheets are changed. A perfect combination for an uber-clean bed. Available sizes: Twin (39 x 75") $240.00, Full (54 x 75") $270.00, Queen (60 x 80") $340.00, King (78 x 80") $410.00, Cal King (72 x 84") $410.00, Twin Mattress Protector (39 x 75") $165.00, Extra Long Twin Mattress Protector (39 x 80") $175.00, Full Mattress Protector (54 x 75") $205.00, Queen Mattress Protector (60 x 80") $215.00, King Mattress Protector (78 x 80") $245.00, Cal King Mattress Protector (72 x 84") $245.00