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ANICHINI Meditation Pillows

ANICHINI's meditation pillows have a traditional zafu design. A zafu is a meditation cushion which is used in zazen, the sitting meditation of Buddhist practitioners. The cushion raises the hips, making the cross-legged sitting postiions more comfortable and stable. The pillows are filled with traditional kapok, a fluffy plant fiber from the kapok tree. Perfect for anyone with a meditation practice.

The Taj Meditation Pillow is covered with ANICHINI's signature paisley. We have never experienced a better paisley design, nor one that is more versatile. The exquisite color selections have such depth, such intricate layers of color - that they match just about any room. The weave has three colors in the warp and three in the weft, creating nine separate colors. A stunning choice for your sacred space.

Sizes: One Size
Color: Amethyst/Aqua, Camel, Coral/Fuchsia, Green, Neutral, Rust/Sage